Nu är det natt över jorden - Nun ist Nacht über der Erde

For soprano, cor anglais, trumpet, alto, cello and piano

This commissioned composition with the theme Glass and Stained Glass Windows, written for the European Heritage Days 2003, was first performed in the concert Unerhört durchsichtig - Musik um Glas (Unheard-of transparency - Music about glass) at the Parish church of Ligerz on September 13th 2003.

Karin Merazzi-Jacobson

The commission was to 'translate' a stained glass window in the choir of the church of Ligerz into music. Nine out of the original ten window panes from the earlier part of the 16th century still exist. The tenth pane, now lost and replaced with a simple transparent window, is next to a pane picturing the last catholic priest and first reformed curate, Peter Gaberell together with his patron saint, Peter. When remnants of the tenth pane were found in an old cigar box at the rectory of Ligerz, the idea was born that three different composers should 'restore' this window by expressing it through music.

Nu är det natt över jorden (Swedish) Night is Now Upon the Earth has a short three part structure like many other traditional compositions relating to the Virgin Mary. It pays tribute to the composers quoted in the music and employs traditional material in order to evoke emotions as it underlines the symbolic values of the Holy Virgin, Mother of God: Highest bliss and profoundest grief.

The work is played by members of the ensemble carusel ligerz:

    Marianne Giger, soprano
    Christine Lüthi, cor anglais
    Silvio Merazzi, trumpet
    Rolf Dieter Gangl, viola
    Marc van Wijnkoop, cello
    Karin Schneider, piano
Recording: Alfred Schweizer

Listen to the composition Nu är det natt över jorden.